Introducing the revolutionary new Buzz Cleaning System.

This is an incredibly innovative new cleaner. With the push of a button an electric current turns a solution of salt, vinegar and water into an all-natural, incredibly powerful cleaner, totally safe for kids and animals.

Who's behind Buzz?

Buzz has been created by David Abdel, who’s been involved in the spa and pool industry for over 20 years. David has a strong focus on water chemistry, and developed a leading cleaning system for spas called AquaSal, which maintains spas while eliminating chemicals. Interestingly, he quickly noticed that orders were being made for the product by a dentist who didn’t actually own a spa. After quick investigation he discovered the dentists was using AquaSal Saltwater Chlorinators to produce hydrochloric acid (HOCL).

Buzz was born

David adapted the AquaSal Spa System into a regular cleaning bottle. All you need to do is fill it up with water, add the activator which has the exact amount of salt and vinegar, plug the bottle into a USB C charger, press the Buzz button and in literally just a few minutes, you’ll have made your very own amazingly powerful and totally safe cleaning product.

The key ingredient

Hypochlorous acid may sound dangerous, but it’s actually very safe (Our blood makes HOCL to kill bacteria naturally in the body). And amazingly, HOCL is 100 times stronger than bleach, yet non-toxic and safe for humans and animals. It’s also recognised by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as being capable of killing COVID-19*. So, HOCL is incredibly powerful. And yet with the right ingredients also easy to make at home.